Guest We have a need to track individuals that attend training sessions that we deliver to our partners. These are often given ad-hoc with short notice and no "sign-in" sheet. I'm wondering if there is a bar code solution that may be able to fit our needs? For example, is it possible to create a bar code that we could print on a piece of paper, give it to attendees as they walk in the door, have them scan it with their smartphone, and that bar code populate their smartphone with a registration form where they could fill out name and email address then send that form to us via text message or email? I'm not familiar with bar code technologies so don't know if this questions is even feasible but am interested in finding out if you have a product that could assist us.

A bar code is a simple identifier as opposed to a means to store data like a registration form. What could be done is to use the bar code as a link to a specific web page that the user could then call up which would be the registration form. The QR code is often used for this purpose in marketing and advertising applications. We could help provide a printer like the Zebra S4M to generate a QR code that your users would scan with their smartphone. This code would have a wed address embedded so when scanned they would be taken to a specific page at which they could fill out their registration information. This could then be sent as an email or stored into a database on your server.

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Posted May 6, 2011