Guest I am a classroom teacher looking for an easier way to take attendance each day. I would like to purchase a system with the following features:
1. Each student is issued a hard plastic ID card with a name and bar code (no color or photo necessary).
2. As the students walk into the classroom, they scan their card on a stationary scanner that is tied to the computer. Ideally, I would not need software running at the time and could download/import the scanner data.
3. I can use software at any moment to generate a list of which students have scanned and at the exact time they scanned.
4. The software can export data to Excel .

For time and attendance tracking we have 2 possible routes to go depending on the degree of freedom from a PC you want and the available budget. In both cases we can provide an ID card printer like the Zebra P110i series to create a basic card. With scanning and data collecting we could utilize a basic fixed scanner like the Motorola LS9208 which would be connected to a PC that would be running Microsoft Excel into which we would be scanning and recording a timestamp. This system keeps things simple as you will always be in Excel but at the same time requires a PC. The other option we have is to use a terminal like the Unitech TASHI which would run a basic attendance application we can provide and all the data would be stored on the device itself. At the end of each class or day you could then offload the data onto a PC as a text file that could be opened in Excel.

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Posted May 11, 2011
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