Guest Looking for a total asset tracking package with software & hardware. The PDA scanners should be dockable and automatically sync with the ability to add new items and do transfers. There are currently 150,000 unique individual items. It must be able to handle a large amount of data without any lag time to search for items, add items, & load reports.

Given your requirements for syncing all new changes to your inventory and the ability to add items in the field I would look at our BCI Advance Asset Management kit. This bundle includes a Motorola MC55 mobile computer and the RedBeam Asset Tracking software. The RedBeam software will allow you to add, move, and update any item in the field and when you dock the mobile device it can sync with the desktop client. RedBeam also has extensive reporting and the ability to create custom reports of your choice which is all done at the desktop PC.

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Posted May 17, 2011