Guest We are basically an edible oil manufacturing facility here in Karachi, Pakistan and are looking for a comprehensive scanning solution for our finished products. Though we have plans to cover all our finished goods using bar codes but we would like to start with our cooking oil and Vanaspati Ghee product and its by product such as margarine etc.

There are 2 main parts to a bar coding system: creating labels for products and scanning these codes. Given you are in a production environment I would suggest looking at the Zebra 110Xi4 and Bartender software to make labels for your products. This printer can create a wide range on label types and sizes to fit your products. For the scanning side of things we can use either corded or cordless scanners connected to any standard PC. The Motorola LS2208 (corded) and LS4278(cordless) would be reliable choices.

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Posted May 17, 2011