Guest We own a hardware shop and would like to have more information about loyalty and gift card systems. We are currently using DacEasy POS and accounting systems and would like to know which card printer accessories we will need to buy to be able to use the cards to identify the customers in our software.

Also inform us about a bar code printer that we could use to print bar codes for screws, bolts and nuts. Labels need to be printed according to their selected quantity and size on the machine.

For the customer loyalty cards I would suggest the Zebra P120i series card printer as this unit can print dual sided full color cards and can easily print bar codes. You would want to make the associated bar code on each customer card to match their customer number on your POS software. This way when they come in you can call up their account details for and specials or discounts offered to them.

For the printer I would look at the Zebra GK420t due to it ease of use and flexibility in making a wide range of label sizes and type.

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Posted May 27, 2011