Guest Hello, just researching a way to speed up entry into a club using bar codes on e-tickets to save time. The club has it's own independent site selling tickets, when a customers buys a ticket they receive an email containing an e-ticket which they print out and present on the night. Just wondering if there was a way to set up a system to create unique bar codes for each ticket and then export the list and use a USB scanner and a PC on the night? We already have a scanner, just wondering if there was a application capable for this?

What you are looking for is a fairly common attendance tracking solution which we can help put together for you. Given that you would like to send an embedded bar code with the emails we will probably need to create a more custom application for you but this can easily be done and used with a basic bar code scanner. Once created, this application can also help cross check all the events registered tickets so as the tickets are scanned you will be able to log valid tickets and be aware of incorrect ones.

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Posted May 28, 2011
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