Guest We need to have our inventory, currently maintained with Microsoft Excel, converted to a bar code system. There are no sales of our veterinary medical products and most of the products are donated to our organization for use at our veterinary conferences. Is it possible to use the product manufacturer's bar codes? I would assume the manufacturer's bar code has the complete products description.

We carry several inventory tracking solution bundles and given the basic nature of your application I would suggest the BCI Basic Inventory Control kit. The kit includes the Wasp tracking software and a Honeywell Dolphin 6100 mobile device to manage your incoming inventory. You can definitely use the existing bar codes on the items but keep in mind that the code is just a unique identifier and does not contain any product details. As you add items to your inventory you will need to scan the code for the ID it will have and then fill in the product details into the system. If the same item comes in again you will be able to just add it to inventory as the description details will be there already.

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Posted May 31, 2011
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