Guest We are interested in a 2D code verification system that we can use to verify and print out a receipt as we are manufacturing our printed components. We are a printing company that supplies the Pharmaceutical industry with folded literature and labels. We must verify at time of printing any bar code or 2D code that is printed on the press. These codes need to be readable by our customer on there manufacturing lines, for different reasons. We need to verify that our printing process is not degrading the code and that it will be readable. Our only need is to scan the code and printout a verification that the code scanned at time of production. I have been able to find many different options, but I need a stand alone system that will include a scanner and a printer that will not need to be connected to a computer. It must be able to decode 2D matrix codes.

We carry a range of bar code verifiers but unfortunately do not have anything that is capable of 2D Matrix verification and is independent of a PC. We do have units from Microscan and Datalogic that interface with a PC to perform 2D verification and can print to any standard PC printer.

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Posted May 31, 2011
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