Guest I need a warehouse management solution for my warehouse. I need 2-3 handhelds able to go in and out of cool storage doing inventory and also withstand some abuse. No handhelds will leave the site. 1 or 2 fixed scan stations will be at the dock for checking out and receiving. The management software will need to work with Quickbooks. The data preferably stored at a data center not on the dock station.
What is your recommendation? I'm interested in the "Basic" and "Advanced" warehouse solution you have. Is it able to add components to those solutions?

The two solution kits you are looking at would both be suitable matches for you as they both have Intellitrack software and the very rugged MC9190 mobile computer. Given that you need only 2-3 handhelds I would suggest going with the BCI Basic Warehouse Management kit as this is for smaller applications and we can readily add additional handhelds to this as well.

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Posted May 31, 2011