Guest We want to implement a simple system to verify that the operator put on the correct label during a run. Basically an operator will change out labels in a run several times and there is always a chance that they could put on the wrong label. We want to reduce this risk with minimal cost. One way to do this is to have the operator scan the label that they have just loaded on the machine. The scanner will then return the product code that this label is for. One question is how do we program the scanner with that information? Is is easy to tie into current ERP system? Or do we build the information on the device itself.

From the description of your application it looks like a mobile computer like the Motorola MC55A will be the ideal choice for you. With this device we can either load up a table of relevant info for all the label rolls you have such that when a label is scanned the user can see what product code is associated with it.. If your data changes regularly we can also get the MC55A online to pull data from your ERP system directly. In either case we can help configure the device and even provide custom programming if needed.

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Posted June 3, 2011