Guest We are looking for a way to track items that are sent to our international offices. We would need to be able to bar code and scan items in the U.S. before they are shipped overseas. We would also need have scanners at our international locations which could scan items upon arrival, and download the information to a computer our upload the information to the U.S. office.
We are still in the investigation stage, as we don't know what equipment is available that might meet our needs.

Tracking assets across multiple locations is easily done with RedBeam Asset Tracking software and corded scanners or mobile computers. Each location can be running the same application and even share the same database which is organized by what items are at each location. As you move items you can check them out of one and add them to the new location so at any point you can see where everything is assigned to. RedBeam software works with simple scanners like the Motorola LS2208 for a desktop station and mobile devices like the Unitech PA600 for situations where you need to freely move around a facility.

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Posted June 6, 2011