Guest We are looking for a quote for wireless barcode scanners that can present directions (and possibly images) on their screens explaining how to package items (the amounts of padding to use, where to place item, etc.) to people on the shop floor. These scanners should be able to scan barcodes 5 inches or larger. These scanners would need to be programmable as we would be inputting the directions.

Given your need for a mobile device that can easily display instructions and even images we will want to look at devices that run the Windows Mobile operating system. Depending on the degree of ruggedness you require I would look at the Motorola MC55A and the MC3100 series as suitable models. Both of these have bright and easy to view screens that can display images easily. The units can run a variety of 3rd party applications and we can also provide custom program development to fit your application exactly.

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Posted June 8, 2011