Guest Looking for a software and scanning system that will allow controls to be in place when assembling several components together. We have a database with the finished goods part number and components that make up the finished good. The problem is that sometimes someone assembles the incorrect components together. If we could have some software that scans the production order then prompts the scanning of the components. If a wrong component is scanned it would send a warning to the assembler. If all components are correct, it world print out a finished goods part ID label from a local printer.

Your application is fairly straightforward pick verification function that is part of many warehouse management applications. Intellitrack ISRP is a good fit for your needs as you can issue a work/pick order which the end user will then have to scan all the components on that order. If anything does not match the order the user is notified to make sure they have all the right items. Depending on how mobile you will need to be we can easily match this software with a mobile computer like the Motorola MC3100 series.

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Posted June 8, 2011