Guest I'm an assistant engineer in a medium size M&E (mechanical and electrical) contractor company. We have trouble in keeping track of our stock that is available in our store. We have 3 different stores located far away from each other therefore making it difficult to keep track of the exact number of stock available. There are almost 1000 type of items used and the items are always being checked out and checked in all the time, making it impossible to keep track of the items manually.

Inventory management is a very common requirement we get form many of our customers. Even with multiple locations involved we have a software called RedBeam Inventory Tracking which will easily help you manage your stock. The RedBeam software allows for multiple locations each with their own stock and supports both fixed stations and mobile computers like the Unitech PA600. You can readily see stock at all locations in the field or at the office to better manage the variety of items you carry. RedBeam also has a very robust reporting feature to better optimize your inventory usage and purchasing.

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Posted June 13, 2011
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