Guest We have a customer that is going to require all shipments to be bar coded (code 128) with their PO number plus 8 other lines of info. I have 3 users that will need to be able to use a bar code program and be able to print to 1 bar code printer. We would also like a bar code reader to make sure it reads as needed. Any suggestions on a solution? I looked at the shipping label package but due to the amount of info required I am leaning towards a 4" wide label.

Depending on your printing volume I would suggest one of our label printing bundles like the BCI Basic Barcode Printing bundle or the BCI Advanced Barcode Printing bundle. We can provide 4” wide labels for either system and both include a bar code scanner to verify your labels. The Bartender software included in both bundles will allow you to make any sized label with any layout you will need.

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Posted June 15, 2011