Guest We've been having some problems where our warehouse people are grabbing the wrong part and shipping it to our customers. I've been asked to find the answers to a couple of questions.
1. Is there an application that we can use with our bar code scanners where we can scan a bar code of a shipping report and then scan and compare a bar code on an inventory label. If there's a mismatch then the user would be notified in some way (annoying beep, popup, etc.)
2. Is there any application where you can link a document to a particular bar code. So if you scan a bar code it will retrieve and display a picture or drawing of that particular part?

Making sure the right item is picked for the correct order is a common feature of any warehouse management software. We work with Intellitrack WMS for such a requirement as yours normally as it provides a complete solution to managing your warehouse. With this application you will be able to issue pick orders to individuals on their mobile computers and as they scan and pick the system will confirm that the correct items are being selected.

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Posted June 16, 2011
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