Guest I am the furnishing manager for an AFB in SC. I need to label all furniture with a bar code. I currently have a database with all of my items listed by stock number/part number. I want to use the database to print bar code labels for the furniture and to control my inventory. I need to run reports with dollars values and balance on-hand and by location. I also need to run reports by building where the items are located within by room numbers.

Your application is an ideal match for the RedBeam Asset Tracking software. This application will allow you to import your existing database, print labels for all the items, and track all furniture by location. Each item in the database has a host of features you can track like purchase date, condition, value, etc…. RedBeam software is also very capable in making reports on your assets and finding items by stock number or location is very easy.

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Posted June 21, 2011