Guest In 2009, a number of Motorola MC5590 EDAs were purchased from your company. The EDAs were programmed by an in house programmer to run an application that assists monitoring technicians in the distribution, tracking, and collection of air monitor samplers. Responsibility, for the functionality of the EDAs, has been “thrust” in my lap. Although I have done some programming, I do not have experience working in the Windows Mobile arena. The data is downloaded and uploaded to a SQL database located on our local area network. Upon being downloaded, the data and transactions are stored in a SQL database residing on the EDA. Often the EDAs will malfunction. Since the malfunction does not occur all the time, it is difficult to pinpoint the problem(s). Please point me in a direction in which I can obtain help in resolving the problem(s).

Depending on the specifics of the application you have created we can help troubleshoot the software to see the source of the issue. The Motorola line of mobile computers are very flexible tools that can fit into almost any application and their support group can also help us in determining the best solution for you.

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Posted June 23, 2011