Guest Our school of nursing wants to add bar code makers and hand held scanners as part of med administration. I am seeking an inexpensive handheld system, reliable and easy to use. I am interested in purchasing more than one system. My vision is the scanner is part of a traditional med admin cart and computer. Scans meds and arm bands for a match or record keeping. In addition we could use the system to tag inventory and check in and out.

In the case of working with existing med carts I would say a cordless scanner like the Motorola LS4278 would be an ideal fit. This will allow you to scan any bar code data into the PC on the cart for verification. You could also use the same scanner for other purposes like checking in/out inventory with any software running on a standard PC. As for printing labels/tags we would want to confirm the volume you are printing at but the Zebra GK420t is a very common unit for health care applications as it can print a wide range of materials.

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Posted June 24, 2011
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