Guest I run an after-school reading program that has grown considerably the last few years. It is a volunteer unit and we are spending too much time checking books in and out the old fashioned way. I am looking for a system that I could use my MacBook and add a bar code scanner. We would need any software, a scanner, and a way to generate labels for identification cards for students and possibly read the ISBN labels already on books or create our own bar code labels. Our budget is very small, but there must be some solution out there.

Your application is a very simple case of what we would call a check-in/check-out solution. Most of the software we carry will only be Windows compatible like RedBeam’s Check In/Check Out which can easily keep track of your database of books and users to see who has what items at any given time. Check In/Check Out will also print labels for users or books with a standard laser jet printer or a dedicated label printer like the Zebra GK420t. For scanning ISBN or other standard bar codes a basic scanner like the LS2208 would be a cost effective option.

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Posted June 30, 2011
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