Guest I'm looking for a way to tag our product so a serial number is sewn into and will last for a long time out in the winter elements for years. I would need to be able to print this tag out during the mfg process so it would need to be linked to a data source. I have considered RF ID but not too sure how that works.

Given your requirements to have a rugged long lasting tag RFID will probably not be the best solution as the common RFID label is not capable of handling excessive conditions. There are rugged RFID options but these will be in an enclosure, not really fit well into clothing, and from a cost perspective be in the several dollar range for a single tag. I would suggest going with a standard bar code solution as there are plenty of label material options to handle harsher environments and could be sewn into a garment. Zebra offers a line of printers such as the ZM400 which can print on a wide range of materials.

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Posted June 30, 2011