I am working on a new way to manage our inventory of chemicals. Currently we have no electronic system for managing them and that is something we are working towards changing. We have client-specific chemicals as well as in-house stock for research and we are in need of a way to track usage of said chemicals and also trigger when to dispose of expired chemicals. It would be very helpful if this system was compatible with Excel. We would also need a a system that has the potential for multiple users, but as this is a trial run for us it would not be necessary initially. Since we have multiple labs across a large site, user-defined fields would also be a necessity. Please let me know if this is something you can help us with.


For managing a variable inventory especially with expiration date concerns the Wasp MobileInventory application is a perfect fit. This software combined with a Motorola MC55A or a basic scanner LS2208 will allow you to track your consumable inventory and allows for future expansion with additional users.

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Posted July 12, 2011
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