Guest We're are looking for a bar code system that will help us track projects which come into our facility. We'd like to have the capacity to label each portion of a project that comes in our door, and then proceed to track the project as it moves through our facility. Including when a project is complete. We need to know where a project is within our facility at any time. We would also like to have a process wherein our clients can log into our website and see the progress of their project.

Work in progress is a process that can greatly benefit from the use of bar code scanning. We can help create a customized application that will allow you to use cordless scanners like the Motorola LS4278 to track projects throughout your process and post online to your customers. Likewise, a reliable label printer like the Zebra GK420t will make labeling simple and easy as projects come into your facility.

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Posted July 12, 2011