Guest Our company is seriously moving to a barcode scanning tracking system for inventory management, asset tracking and perhaps time and attendance. The ISRP-000-S3 Intellitrack software includes 3 workstations and 3 PDT licenses. What comes with the workstations? Are items like the Network Software Support Agreement and the inventory users manual included in the package? Also,could you give us a quote on a package that includes all we need…anything the package doesn't have?


Intellitrack ISRP is a great application to accomplish all your tracking needs within your warehouse. The ISRP-000-S3 is just the licensing for the workstations and mobile devices along with a manual. The Network Software Support Agreement is sold separately as well as any hardware you would need. Please feel free to contact us by phone to determine the full scope of your application and we can help suggest suitable mobile computers and wireless infrastructure as needed.

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Posted July 12, 2011
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