Guest I need to find an inventory control/tracking program that includes a wireless scanner to a central computer as well as the ability to adjust inventory remotely from that scanner. I need to be able to pull up reports of total inventory from the wireless scanner as well as the computer from which I can print inventory reports off to the production crew. I was looking around on the website and found part# MC3190 and was curious if this would be a good option. Lets just say I’m coming into a company that has never used bar codes or wireless reporting and just need a base start of some ideas.

Mobile inventory tracking is a common use for the MC3190 and checking stock in the field is a base feature of most software. Both Wasp and RedBeam offer suitable applications for your situation which we can help determine the best fit. If mobile printing is also needed we can help pair the mobile device with a compatible unit from Zebra.

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Posted July 13, 2011