Guest We are looking for a WMS which can deal with our warehouse shipping items and simple inventory control. Around 200 items are shipped by FedEx from our one warehouse.

We need a system that allows several warehouse workers to scan the items that will be shipped by FedEx every day.

The main purpose is to calculate the number that is shipped every day by scanning the barcodes (or add item into inventory). The inventory control is not our main purpose. We bought inventory control system last month from other company and found out that it was not system we need.

Can the software generate the barcodes?
Can you send us the quote for Warehouse Management system (with printer, scanner or mobile computer).

There are several options for tracking incoming/outbound inventory along with packages twe offer such as Intellitrack’s DMS. This software will also allow you to print barcodes and use a variety of scanners and mobile computers like the Motorola MC3100.

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Posted July 25, 2011