Guest I need to take attendance at multiple events each week for different groups of faculty to report to accrediting bodies. Right now we take attendance by hand and the enter into computer. We would like to take attendance by scanning a bar code that we put on their ID tag. The list of possible attendees will need to be updated regularly as students enter and finish the program. It would be great to mount barcode scanners outside the commonly used classrooms. Data could then be placed in a common retrieval area so each program can download their attendance data. Some people might want portable scanners for sessions that a not held in the common classrooms. It looks like we will need a scanner, bar code printer and scanner software at a minimum. We can investigate door mounted scanners when we decide the system is working for us. Let me know what you would suggest.

There are a number of different solutions to your problem, one we have used with educational customers in the past is a time-in/time-out system. Basically that consists of a barcode scanner (corded or portable) and some custom software running on a desktop PC to log and store the information.

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Posted July 25, 2011