Guest I'm seeking a wifi enabled barcode scanner system/software setup for my office/laboratory. We have many products come in for various testing and a simpler way to track each products progress. As I see it a product comes in, gets checked, move to a preperation area, moves to be tested, reported, and checks out. At each stage when scanned I hope to see the products information updated on its progress and manually be able to enter further notes/testing numbers if applicable. Currently we are using a Googledocs format and hope with will either A; be compatible or B; have a suitable software package we can utilize for our needs.

It sounds like one of our handheld cordless barcode scanners might be the right product for you. Technically they don’t use WiFi, but they can operate like a cordless phone with a 30 foot range. The Symbol LS4278 is one of our most popular products.

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Posted July 25, 2011