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Psion Teklogix NEO2200210000000 Mobile Handheld Computer

Psion Teklogix NEO - Handheld WindowsCE 5.0 PRO Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

Full specifications (PDF)

The most compact, intelligent, rugged handheld computer around
The Psion-Teklogix NEO may be small but it's unbelievably rugged, meaning it's never out of action and productivity never dips. This lean machine can withstand being dropped from 4 feet (1.2 meters) to polished concrete - we know it will stand up to your environment. It packs an IP rating of 54, so you don't have to worry about dust or moisture, and it can operate in harsh conditions with wide temperature ranges as well. The NEO also has an eight-hour battery life keeping it running during the whole shift. The NEO also features Windows CE 5.0 operating system, 1D/2D scanning options, a MicroSD slot and multiple keypad layouts.

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand Psion Teklogix
Model NEO
Style Full-size
Recommended Accessories for Model: Psion Teklogix NEO Mobile Handheld Computer


  • Clips (1)
  • Carrying and Protective Accessories (4)
  • Accessories (17)
Recommended Accessories for Model: Psion Teklogix NEO Mobile Handheld Computer


Psion Teklogix NEO Accessories (PX3025)
Belt Kit, Utilizes EXIsting Quick Release Belt Clip (9003637) With Adapter And 2 Screws.
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Carrying and Protective Accessories

Psion Teklogix (PX3022)
NEO Single loop adjustable length shoulder strap with release clip. Uses small gauge threaded loop.
Psion Teklogix (PX3028)
NEO Wrist strap designed for operator work safety and comfort. Includes stitched stylus holder, release clip and tether lanyard for stylus.
Psion Teklogix (PX3020)
Carry Holster, Includes spare battery pouch with stylus holders. Usable with optional pistol grip installed (PX3030).
Psion Teklogix NEO Accessories (PX3062)
NEO Protective Rubber Boot can be used with the Pistol Grip, Wrist Strap, Hand Strap or Shoulder Strap.
Ships in 3-5 Days
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Psion Teklogix (PX3054)
HandheldT to Micro USB (female) and DC Jack.
Psion Teklogix (PX3050)
HandheldT to RS-232 Adapter - Molded Adapter: Base Unit to RS-232 DE9.
Psion Teklogix (PX3008)
Desktop Dock with Integrated V.92 Analog Modem and Spare Battery Slot - The PX3008 desktop dock integrates docking and analog modem functionally. It allows charging of the NEO and a spare battery, USB connectivity, and data connections over a PSTN line.
Psion Teklogix (PX3010)
Wall Charger Adapter - Includes wall adapter with DC Jack and assortment of clip-on power plugs. Supports 110-240 VAC and includes International plug kit.
Psion Teklogix (PX3024)
NEO Handstrap fastens to the back of the handheld with adjustable strap and release clip. Features stitched elastic stylus holder, threaded loop and metal eyelet with screw.
Psion Teklogix (PX3026)
9.5 cm long replacement stylus with tether loop hole. 5 styluses per pack.
Psion Teklogix (PX3035)
NEO Pistol Grip, includes an embedded Stylus located in the base of the handle.
Psion Teklogix (PX3052)
MicroUSB to Ethernet for use with Desktop Charger/Docker. USB Type A to Standard USB Type A receptacle and Standard USB Type A plug to RJ45 plug (2 cable solution).
Psion Teklogix (PX3056)
Cigarette Lighter Adapter for NEO. 12VDC - 24VDC input. Compatible with PX3054 NEO adapter.
Psion Teklogix NEO Accessories (PX3005)
Power supply for use with NEO Quad Docker / Charger (PX3004). Power cord must be ordered separately.
Psion Teklogix NEO Accessories (PX3014)
Wall Mount Bracket - For Quad Charger. Includes area for power supply. Alignment tabs for secure lock down installation.
Psion Teklogix NEO Accessories (PX3011)
Wall Mount Bracket - For Desktop Charger. Alignment tabs for secure lock down installation.
Psion Teklogix NEO Accessories (PX3029)
Leather Carry Case for NEO, with a transparent keyboard protective cover, a hand strap, and comes with a belt clip. It allows use with scanner or imager.
Psion Teklogix NEO Accessories (PX3065)
The PX3065 provides extra protection for your NEO screen. There are 3 protective screens in a pack.
Psion Teklogix NEO Accessories (PX3053)
Cable/Dongle - Micro-USB to Standard USB Type A Receptacle (USB Host)
Psion Teklogix (PX3001)
Desktop Dock - Single Desktop Charger with Micro USB Connection and spare battery charging slots. Includes PX3010 Wall Adapter (with International Plug Kit), micro USB Cable.
Psion Teklogix NEO Accessories (PX3058)
Cable - Micro-USB to Standard USB Type A plug (USB client for ActiveSync)

The Psion Teklogix NEO2200210000000 is also known as Psion NEO2200210000000 .