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Psion Teklogix is now part of Motorola.

Psion Teklogix products are sold in over 80 countries - wherever there is a requirement for the most intelligent and flexible mobile workforce automation devices. Psion Teklogix's rugged mobile computers are designed from the ground up to deliver "Return on Mobility" meaning driving down the total cost of mobility, improving task efficiencies and delivering information dividends. Meanwhile, Psion Teklogix's vehicle mount computers combine modularity, performance and durability for workers in the warehouse. Browse our full product line from Psion Teklogix below or contact one of our representatives for a quantity discount.

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Psion Teklogix VH10 Terminal

Psion Teklogix VH10

The new VH10 combines modularity, performance and durability for workers in warehouse, manufacturing, port, yard, air and transportation environments. Customers" operational performance just got better with VH10, thanks to its rich capabilities,...

Psion Teklogix Cables

Cables for Psion-Teklogix products.

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Psion Teklogix 8515 Terminal

Psion Teklogix 8515

Drop into any port or warehouse at any time of day - you'll see an army of forklifts zipping in and out of tight spaces with inches to spare. Which means finding a vehicle mount computer powerful enough to do the job without being a practical...

Psion Teklogix Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer

Psion Teklogix Omnii XT15

The Psion-Teklogix Omnii XT15 is uniquely adaptive by design - combining extreme versatility with open innovation to deliver the flexibility you require to adapt as your business needs change. As the next evolution of the Omnii platform, the Omnii...

Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro 3 Mobile Computer

Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro 3

Created for the mobile worker, the Psion-Teklogix Workabout Pro 3 is ideal for employees across a range of industries, including mobile field services, logistics, warehousing, transportation, manufacturing and more. Its impressive flexibility...

Psion Teklogix Omnii RT15 Mobile Computer

Psion Teklogix Omnii RT15

The Psion-Teklogix Omnii RT15 leverages the versatile Omnii computing platform to help deliver new technologies quickly and easily. This means it can be simply configured to meet any business need "" now or in the future "" with no risk of...

Psion Teklogix 8585 Mobile Computer

Psion Teklogix 8585

The Psion-Teklogix 8585 rugged vehicle mount computer has a compact design that makes it simple to mount wherever space is available in your vehicle. The 8585 is there for your workers when needed and it does not get in the way while they perform...

Psion Teklogix Accessories

Psion Teklogix Parts

Products and parts from Psion-Teklogix.

Psion Teklogix EP10 - Discontinued. Replaced by the Motorola MC67

Psion Teklogix 8525 G2 - Discontinued.

Psion Teklogix 8530 G2 - Discontinued.

Psion Teklogix Omnii XT10 - Discontinued.

Psion Teklogix NEO - Discontinued.

Psion Teklogix Ikon 7505 - Discontinued.

Psion Teklogix 7535 G2 - Discontinued.

Psion Teklogix 7530 G2 - Discontinued.

Psion Teklogix 8580 - Discontinued.

Psion Teklogix 8590 - Discontinued.

Psion Teklogix 8595 - Discontinued.

Psion Teklogix Printabout - Discontinued.

Psion Teklogix PTX-MLP 3030 - Discontinued.

Psion Teklogix PTX-MLP 3040 - Discontinued.

Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro - Discontinued. Replaced by the Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro 3