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QS1000 Accessories
Datalogic (8-0738-01)
Cable assembly, 12 ft, Keyboard wedge, 5/6-pin Din, IBM, AT / PS/2, POT, E/P
Ships in 3-5 Days
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PSC (8-0424-16)
Unicable, 12 ft., 25 Pin D order together with CWPoweredUSBO1.5 for USB operation of scanner
Ships in 3-5 Days
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PSC (R44-2018)
Programming Guide
PSC (R44-2017)
Users Guide
Datalogic (8-0740-18)
Cable, 8 ft, Wand emulation, 10-pin RJ, for the PowerScan, QS1000 and QS6000Plus
Datalogic (8-0738-17)
Cable Assembly (12 feet, Keyboard wedge, 6MDIN, P and S, POT, E/P and)
Datalogic (8-0424-06)
Keyboard wedge direct connect cable, 12 ft., PS/2 (for use with laptops)
Datalogic (8-0424-03)
Keyboard wedge Y-cable, 11 ft., AT or PS/2
Datalogic (8-0423-80)
RS-232 cable, DB9 with external power jack. Power supply not included. See (Part# 4004-0705) (wall plug) or (Part# 4004-0710) (desktop style with AC line cord).
Datalogic (8-0423-47)
Cable, 12 ft, 9-pin D, RS-232, Terminal at Pin 9, for PowerScan/QS1000/6000
Datalogic (8-0423-39)
Cable, 8 ft, 9-pin Female, RS-232 cable, for QS1000/6000/PowerScan, Requires power supply
PSC (8-0422-02)
Wedge emulation cable, 8 ft., 9-pin D-Sub
PSC (7-0446)
QS1000 stand, 1 included with the scanner
Datalogic (4004-0794)
120V US power supply, Wall mount, for QS6/PowerScan/VS800/Duet
Datalogic (4004-0705)
Power supply, wall-mount, with US power cord. Backordered, see replacement Part Number.
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