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PSC Barcode Scanner

PSC QS6000 Plus Scanner

PSC QS6000 Plus

The QS6000 Plus handheld scanner offers great performance at a very affordable price. With a high first pass read rate and the best speed-to-read of any scanner in its class, the QS6000 Plus speeds retail checkout. and its 13" (33 cm) depth of field...

PSC QS2500 Scanner

PSC QS2500

The QuickScan QS2500 Linear Imager Handheld scanner is ideal for retail, office, and light-industrial applications. The QS2500's 200 scans-per-second linear imager scan engine provides snappy reading performance and a mid-range depth-of- field (up...

PSC PowerScan RF Scanner

PSC PowerScan RF

With the PowerScan RF wireless scanner, you now have the freedom to go where the work is, not the other way around. Now you only have to take the 27.5 oz. (0.8 kg) PowerScan RF scanner to the 500 lb. (227 kg) pallet, not the pallet to the scanner....

PSC PowerScan 7000 Scanner

PSC PowerScan 7000

The PowerScan 7000 Standard Range Linear Imaging Scanner (SRI) is the most rugged, durable and reliable industrial handheld scanner on the market. It has a protective overmold to protect it from drops and to seal it from dust and water and can...

PSC PowerScan 7000BT Scanner

PSC PowerScan 7000BT

The PSC PowerScan 7000BT is extremely popular for heavy-duty use because its solid state design and IP65 dust & water rating make it the most rugged unit on the market. Decode 1D and PDF417 codes while traveling freely up to 328' (100m) from the...

PSC Magellan 1400i Scanner

PSC Magellan 1400i

The Magellan 1400i from PSC is an omnidirectional imaging scanner, which provides an aggressive imaging performance of 1100 digital scan lines per second. Its intuitive operation simplifies checker training and increases checkout speeds for improved...


PSC Magellan 2200VS Scanner

PSC Magellan 2200VS

The PSC Magellan 2200VS uses Magellan 8500 Series scanning technology to create one of the quickest and easiest-to-use vertical scanners in the industry. The Magellan 2200VS features a large, dense scanning pattern to improve both checkout speed and...

$543.90 to $567.40

PSC Magellan 2300HS Scanner

PSC Magellan 2300HS

The PSC Magellan 2300HS uses Magellan 8500 Series scanning technology to create one of the quickest and easiest-to-use horizontal scanners in the industry. The Magellan 2300HS features a large, dense scanning pattern to improve both checkout speed...

$644.70 to $724.70

PSC Magellan 8500 Omega Scanner

PSC Magellan 8500 Omega

The PSC Magellan 8500 Omega is the highest performing scanner/scanner-scale available for large volume point-of-sale applications. It is the first scanner to use PSC's new, ground breaking SurroundScan technology to aggressively scan all 6 sides of...

PSC Magellan 9500 Omega Scanner

PSC Magellan 9500 Omega

The Magellan 9500 Omega is PSC's premier scanner for high volume fixed POS applications with integrated Sensormatic EAS tag deactivation. The Magellan 9500 Omega successfully maximizes point of sale productivity and reduces Failure to Deactivate...

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PSC SP400 Scanner


Count on the PSC SP400 for fast, accurate barcode reads. SP400 scanners combine patented signal processing technology, a large depth of field, and wide angle reading for a high level of performance. SP400 scanners are adaptable for use in a wide...

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$17.60 to $3,658.90