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PSC LM520 Scanner
PSC LM520 Scanner
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PSC LM520 Scanner

The PSC LM520 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

A compact, decoded, single- line scanner for fixed- position or embedded applications.

The LM520 Scanner is a compact, decoded, single-line scanner in a sealed rugged aluminum enclosure for fixed position, unattended or embedded scanning applications, such as conveyor, analyzers, or vending machines. Includes PSC advanced RapidStart circuitry, RS-232, good read/no read result switches and four scanning modules, including LaserSense, for automatic scanning. Each unit ships with one user's guide.
LM520 Options
PSC LM520 Unattended (07200101-0100-1106)
Barcode scanner (with RS-232 Interface and 6 ft. DB-25 Cable with Adapter)
PSC LM520 (07200101-0100-1105)
RS-232 interface. Includes power supply, 6 ft. RS-232 cable (DB-25 with DB-9 adapter) & beeper.
PSC LM520 (07200101-0100-1102)
Barcode scanner, Power supply, RS-232 cable (8-0444-02), No beep
PSC LM520 Unattended (07200101-0100-1000)
LM520, 650NM, RS-232 NO ACCESS
PSC LM520 (07200101-0100-0000)
Standard range, RS-232 interface
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