PSC Falcon 4620 Accessories

Falcon 4620 Accessories
Datalogic (VTL-1000-001)
VT-Lite Terminal Emulation Solution (VT-Lite is a low-cost terminal emulator which enables any of the supported Falcon data terminals to emulate a VT terminal connected to a host system via a WLAN)
Datalogic (7-0612)
Power supply US 110V Line Cord for Falcon 4SLOT Dock
Datalogic (5-1912)
Mobile, NiMH battery for Falcon
Datalogic (493535)
Falcon softcase, Swivel quick release
PSC (4004-0771)
110-220 VAC, 70W power supply for Falcon 4620
PSC (4002-0004)
Converter (DC to DC) for the 4620
PSC (11-0079)
In-Line Fuse Kit, F4620, New Part# 11-0159
Datalogic (00-744-41)
PowerNet VT220 Emulation Pre-Load (on Falcon)
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