PSC 4220 Accessories

4220 Accessories
PSC (890500040)
Hand Straps (for the Falcon 4220)
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PSC (4006-0333)
4220 Standard battery pack, Lithium Ion, 1 included with the 4220
PSC (4006-0326)
Replaced by 4006-0333 PSC, 4220 Standard battery pack
PSC (4004-0779)
AC Adapter (110/220V) for the Falcon 4220
Datalogic (4220-USB-STARTER)
Falcon 4220 USB Starter Kit. Includes everything you need to run your Falcon 4220: charging/communications cradle and USB cable.
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PSC (R44-2433)
Product Reference Guide (Printed) for the Falcon 4220
PSC (R44-2323)
Manual (Product Reference Guide) for the Falcon 4210
PSC (95A201002)
Standard Battery Pack (1800 mAh) for the 4220 only.
Datalogic (95A201001)
Hi-Capacity Battery 2700MA for Falcon 4220.
Datalogic (95A151004)
Single Slot Dock (Includes USB Cable 6001-2301) for the Falcon 4220
PSC (890500521)
Replacement Battery Door (for the F4220)
PSC (890500057)
Serial adapter for the 4220
PSC (8-0691-01)
Adapter Cable for Falcon 4220, 5 feet, RS-232, DB-9-F
PSC (6402-0008)
4-Slot Battery Charger (Includes Power supply) for the Falcon 4420
PSC (6401-0012)
4 Slot Dock, Includes Power supply, Cord, Mount Brackets.

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