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Proxim Wireless QB-8100-EPA-WD

Proxim Wireless Tsunami QB-8100 - Tsunami QB 8100 End Point, 300 Mbps, MIMO 3x3, Type-N Connectors - WD PoE

Full specifications (PDF)

Presenting a Dual radio Wireless Backhaul Solution that Exceeds 4G Speed Requirements with supreme flexibility of 1 MHz channel spacing
The Proxim-Wireless Tsunami QB-8100, is a high power, extremely reliable and a cost effective, non line of sight 4G point to point (PtP) wireless backhaul solution. The Tsunami QB-8100 delivers data rates of 300 Mbps plus, along with excellent spectrum flexibility of up to 1 MHz channel spacing and high power radios capable of 26 dBm Tx power for extend coverage.
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Full specifications (PDF)

Brand Proxim Wireless
Model Tsunami QB-8100

The Proxim Wireless QB-8100-EPA-WD is also known as QB-8100-EPA-WD or QB8100EPAWD .