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Posiflex PD2200 Customer Display
Posiflex PD2200 Customer Display
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Posiflex PD2200 Customer Display

The Posiflex PD2200 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

It has an Ergonomic design

PD2200 pole display has all of the versatile features of the PD-2100 but comes with a wide base for standalone applications. It has a serial pass-through interface, Two adjustable viewing angles and selectable brightness, Adjustable pole height. PD2200, Display slides horizontally left and right, and rotates 360 degrees.

The Posiflex PD2200 is also known as the Posiflex Business Machines PD2200

PD2200 Options
Posiflex PD2200 (PD2200B-110FB)
Pole Display, VFD, 2 Lines x 20 Characters, 11 mm, S/SP Wide Base with Power Adapter. Color: Gray
Posiflex PD2200 (PD2200B-110F)
PD-2200 Pole Display (VFD, 2 Lines x 20 Characters, 11 mm, S/SP Wide Base with Power Adapter) - Color: Gray
Posiflex PD2200 (PD2200B-110D)
Blue Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD), 11.25 mm, 2 lines of 20 characters, Serial pass through interface, adjustable height, adapter included, Color: Adapter.