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Posiflex KB 6610 Keyboard
Posiflex KB 6610 Keyboard
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Posiflex KB 6610 Keyboard

The Posiflex KB 6610 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

A Powerful programmable keyboard

KB 6610 is a series of powerful programmable keyboard suitable for application in PC compatible system, programmable without TSR under Win2000/XP Pro environment. This series provides 84 keys (max.) of comfortable size 19 x 19 mm in 6 x 15 matrix within which a 4x 4 numerical keypad resides and a 6 position controls key which is capable of sending answer back codes according to the position of the key

The Posiflex KB 6610 is also known as the Posiflex Business Machines KB 6610

KB 6610 Options
Posiflex KB 6610 (KB6622)
KB-6600 Programmable Keyboard (84 Keys, 2-Track MSR, Black)
Posiflex KB 6610 (KB6620)
KB-6600 Programmable Keyboard (84 Keys, MSR Option, Black) Ideal for the HT2000 and HT4000
Posiflex KB 6610 (KB6610)
Programmable Keyboard, 84 key and MSR, for HT Models, Color: Charcoal