POS-X XM90 Card Reader

POS-X XM95 A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the POS-X XM95.

Ideal for all point-of sale environments

The POS-X XM90 magnetic card reader was designed with simplicity in mind. With its plug-and-play set-up, standard three track capabilities, and easy to use software configuration tool, the XM90 has the flexibility needed for any application where card reading is required.

The POS-X XM90 is also known as the POSX XM90

XM90 Options
POS-X Xm90 (XM90U)
MSR (3-Track and USB Interface)
POS-X Xm90 (XM90S)
MSR (3-Track and RS-232 Interface)
POS-X Xm90 (XM90K)
MSR (3-Track and Keyboard wedge Interface)