POS-X Xi3200 Scanner

The POS-X Xi3200 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

5 Year Advanced Replacement Warranty

The POS-X Xi3200 is the latest in a highly successful line of POS-X barcode scanners. Engineered for greater performance, the Xi3200 features improved scan performance and unbeatable value. Perfect for Retail and Light Industrial applications, the XI3200 sets the new standard in price versus performance. The Xi3200 features an aggressive optical scan engine engineered with a lightning fast scan rate and an increased depth of field. The result is near-laser performance with the added durability of no moving parts. Automatically activated when placed in the Hands Free Autosense Stand, the Xi3200 features "BlueLED" technology which casts a subtle glow around the autosensing target area, creating an ideal environment to detect barcodes, even in total darkness.

The POS-X Xi3200 is also known as the POSX Xi3200

Xi3200 Options
POS-X Xi3200 (XI3200U)
Performance Barcode scanner (Includes USB Cable)
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