POS-X Xi3000-BT Scanner

The POS-X Xi3000-BT has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Battery lasts over 28,000 scans per charge

Wireless Scanning has never been more affordable. The POS-X Xi3000-BT combines the same great features and rugged performance of the Xi3000 with the added bonus of wireless-Bluetooth capabilities. With an incredible 328' line-of-sight range, the Xi3000-BT can attach to any PC using the included cradle, or scan directly into a Bluetooth enabled device such as a PDA, Laptop or Smart Phone. Features like redundancy, multiple interfaces and no moving parts make the Xi3000-BT a top choice in both Retail and Industrial environments.

The POS-X Xi3000-BT is also known as the POSX Xi3000-BT

Xi3000-BT Options
POS-X Xi3000-Bluetooth (XI3000U-BT)
Bluetooth with USB kit. Includes charging/communications cradle, power supply and USB cable.
POS-X Xi3000-Bluetooth (XI3000S-BT)
Wireless Scanner (Bluetooth with Serial Kit)
POS-X Xi3000-Bluetooth (XI3000K-BT)
Wireless Scanner (Bluetooth with Keyboard wedge Kit)
POS-X Xi3000-Bluetooth (XI3000BT-SCANNER)
Wireless Scanner (Scanner and Battery Only - No Base Station and No Cables)
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