POS-X EVO-MR2 Card Reader

The POS-X EVO-MR2 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Fully integrates with EVO-TM1 or EVO-TP1

The integrated EVO-MR2 3-Track Magnetic Swipe Reader (MSR) offers all the same great features of our XM95 MSR, but in a format that seamlessly integrates with all EVO Touchscreen products (EVO-TM1 or EVO-TP1). Featuring Plug'n'Play USB interface, the EVO-MR2 offers smooth bi-directional operation that ensures a high success rate with every swipe.

The POS-X EVO-MR2 is also known as the POSX EVO-MR2

EVO-MR2 Options
EVO Integ. Encrypt. MSR, 3-Trk USB for EVOTP2-TM2 Padlock Rdy
Integrated MSR (3-Track, USB) for the POS-X EVO TP2 and TM2