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Polycom SCF516

Polycom Link 150 MCU - Link 150 M3 Multipoint Control Unit 16-Port 4-Wire Universal Digital Interface/Lucent Definity And Merlin

The Link 150 MCU is conveniently sized to support 16 Wireless Telephone users and four Base Stations. Four Link 150 MCUs can be linked together by an Inter-Processor Communication (IPC) cable to support as many as 64 users and 16 Base Stations. The Link 150 MCU is connected to the telephone switch or Centrex lines by an RJ-21 connector and is powered by 24-Volt DC through a 120-Volt AC adapter. An administration mode allows you to easily add or remove Wireless Telephones from the system, make changes to the MCU configuration, and download software updates if necessary. LED lights on the front panel indicate the status of lines and Base Stations. The Link 150 MCU can be easily mounted in a standard 19-inch equipment rack with the purchase of a separate rack mounting kit.

Full specifications (PDF)


The Polycom SCF516 is also known as SPK-SCF516 .