Plantronics H41 Mirage Headset

All-Day comfort and convenience

Plantronics headsets have become the world's talking point with more than six million in use today. The Mirage headset is stylish and unobtrusive with a sculpted shape that fits perfectly behind either ear eliminating the need for a headband. It is so light users will hardly know they are wearing it. For added comfort a receiver that swivels at a touch rests lightly on the side of the ear. Mirage headsets are ideal for executives sales offices and help desks as well as technical helplines credit control call centers and telemarketing.
H41 Mirage Headset Options
Plantronics H41 Mirage Headset (26851-03)
French H41N Mirage NC SOQ48
Plantronics H41 Mirage Headset (26089-11)
H41 Mirage Telephone Headset (with Voice Tube)
Recommended Accessories
Plantronics H-Tops Accessories (91927-10)
SHS1927-10, SHS 1890, 4 Wire BTO 8WK LT/Non-Returnable/Cancel Push to Talk Amplified for use with H-Tops
Ships in 3-5 Days
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