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Panasonic POC484L5 Surveillance Camera

Panasonic WV-CP484 - Color/Black and White Outdoor Fixed Camera Pak, WV-CP484 Camera, 5-50 mm Lens, Housing, Wall Mount
This WV-CP484 Series from Panasonic Super Dynamic III day/night camera has Auto Back Focus (ABF) technology that ensures clear, sharp, perfectly focused image 24-hours a day, automatically.

Panasonic introduces the WV-CP480 series Super Dynamic III cameras, equipped with Auto Back Focus (ABF). When these cameras switch from color to B/W mode, the cameras automatically make micron-order adjustments in CCD position to achieve precise back focus. The new Auto Back Focus (ABF) technology ensures delivery of clear, sharp, perfectly focused image 24-hours ad day, automatically.

Full specifications (PDF)

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand Panasonic
Model WV-CP484 Series
Features Color
Environment Outdoor
Recommended Accessories for Model: Panasonic WV-CP484 Series Surveillance Camera
Panasonic (SCT08P)
8 Channel Camera Control Code Converter
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The Panasonic POC484L5 is also known as PAN-POC484L5 .