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Opticon OPL9724-00 Mobile Handheld Computer

Opticon OPL 9724 - Bluetooth Laser Data Collector
The Opticon OPL 9724 delivers scanning power and the convenience of Bluetooth wireless in the utimate low-profile design.

The Opticon OPL 9724 is simple enough for a beginner, but strong enough for a pro. Its high-tech design, hefty memory, and integrated Bluetooth technology make the OPL 9724 ideal for limitless business applications.

Full specifications (PDF)

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand Opticon
Model OPL 9724
RAM Memory 1 MB
Operating System Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile
Display Resolution 112 x 64
Network Connectivity Bluetooth
Scanner Type Laser
Data Collection Type Wireless
Recommended Accessories for Model: Opticon OPL 9724 Mobile Handheld Computer
Opticon (OPT-CRD9723RUSKI)
OPL Single Slot Charging-Communication Cradle, with Power supply
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Opticon (CRD-9723RU-SK1)
Charging/Communication Cradle with RS-232, USB and IrDA Interface for OPL9700 series and PX35 Single
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Opticon (41-USB001S-01)
Adapter Cable for OPL Series, RS-232 to USB
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Opticon (32-00601-00)
Power supply (6VDC, BRL, 4.75 x 1) for OPL Series
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Opticon (02-BATLION-03)
Lithium Ion Battery (for the OPL 9725)
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The Opticon OPL9724-00 is also known as OPT-OPL9724 or OPL972400 .