Opticon OPL 9723 Mobile Computer

Opticon OPH1005 A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Opticon OPH1005.

Small Size and Lightweight for Increased Mobility

The Opticon OPL 9723 with visible display now makes data capture easy for everyone! Small and lightweight, these handheld laser terminals collect your information at an impressive 100 scans per second. With enough memory to accommodate an entire day of scanning, the OPL 9723 is handy for gathering market research data, creating lists or numerous other home or professional data collection tasks. An integral real-time clock enables each record to be tagged with a date/time stamp for accuracy.
OPL 9723 Options
Opticon OPL 9723 (OPL9723-00)
Wireless Portable Data Collector (3 key, LCD Display and LiON Battery)
Opticon OPL 9723 (OPL-9723-SK1)
Wireless Portable Data Collector Kit (with Cradle, Power supply, RS-232 Cable and LION Battery)
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