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Opticon LGP 1125-5125 Scanner
Opticon LGP 1125-5125 Scanner
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Opticon LGP 1125-5125 Scanner

The Opticon LGP 1125-5125 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

The LGP 1125-5125 scanner incorporates the new connectivity standard into an aggressive, rugged handheld CCD scanner resulting in the ideal scanner for PC connectivity. One scanner works with any manufacturer's PC. No need to hunt for a specific cable or connector.
LGP 1125-5125 Options
Opticon LGP 1125 (LGP1125RU1S-000)
USB kit. Includes 2.3" CCD scanner & USB cable. Color: white.
Opticon LGP 5126 (LGP5125RU1S-000)
LGP5125 USB kit. Includes 3.2" CCD scanner & USB cable. Color: white.
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