Opticon LG2 Accessories

The Opticon LG2 Accessories has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

LG2 Accessories
Opticon (41-LG2CHS-01)
Charging Cable (Requires Power supply) for LG2
Opticon (32-00536-01)
Power supply (for the LG2 Charger)
Opticon (28-PHLHOLST-02)
Holster for the PHL 1300 and LG2, with Swivel Belt Clip
Opticon (28-LGZSTD-01)
LG2 Imager Stand
Opticon (28-LG2STD-01)
Hands Free Adjustable Stand (for the LG2)
Opticon (02-BATLION-05)
Lithium Ion Battery (1950 MSH) for the LG2
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