Nitek VB43F Video Balun Combiner

The Nitek VB43F Video Balun Combiner has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Video Balun Combiners for twisted pair up to 1,000 feet (750 feet when used with DVR equipment). The Video Balun Combiners are unique transmission devices that provide an economical means of sending video, camera power and RS-422 over a standard Cat 5 cable. A basic system requires one unit at each end of a 4-pair Cat 5 cable. Video is sent over one pair, RS-422 over a second pair and camera power can be sent over the two remaining pairs. A female BNC connector provides video input or output and two 2-screw terminal strips are provided to connect RS-422 control and power, respectively. Connections to the Cat 5 cable are made via RJ45 connectors on the VB43F and via punchdown terminals on the VB43FPD. The VB43F Video Baluns provide the same high immunity to noise and interference as all of the NITEK baluns.
VB43F Video Balun Combiner Options
Nitek VB43F Video Balun Combiner (VB43F)
(Up to 1000 feet - Female BNC Connector)